How a Real Estate Agent is Trained to Notice Warning Signs Before You Do

How a Real Estate Agent is Trained to Notice Warning Signs Before You Do

Jonelle Lewin wasn’t always a Sherman Oaks real estate agent, but every facet of her life and career has led her to this work. From investing in houses to television production, Jonelle knows high-stakes situations, so she keeps a clear head in the midst of the highly emotional process of finding you the perfect home.

Because emotions, needs, and time constraints have such a pressure-cooker impact on the homebuying process, they can propel buyers to make decisions and follow through to closing. However, they can also be a distraction.

Thankfully, Jonelle’s vision is clear, and as the expert outside of the emotions and pressure buyers feel, she can lean on her extensive expertise as a Sherman Oaks real estate agent to protect you from money pits or homes that will not prove adaptable to your family’s changing needs in the years to come. She can also help you better see the potential for greatness in a property that the average buyer may not be able to spot.

Extensive training is a prerequisite

Before a real estate agent can apply for a license in California, they must complete 135 hours of coursework in three 45-hour segments and then successfully pass a real estate agent’s exam. Foundational topics covered in training include ethics, property disclosures, servicing listings, how to conduct showings, and contract terms and requirements, just to name a few.

All licensed agents are required to work under a broker, which provides additional on-the-job training, skill development, and support.

Like so many other professions, real estate agents must complete professional development hours to keep their licenses up to date. Some of these hours are earned by state-required coursework, and the others provide opportunities for agents to specialize within niche markets. Agents are always learning and growing, and our clients benefit from that.

Market research is a daily habit

The real estate market post-COVID-19 has been precedent-setting in every way. First, we experienced limited transactions during the pandemic and a pendulum swing to a buying frenzy, complete with bidding wars once the pent-up demand was released. Next up was record-setting inflation and desperate attempts by the Federal Reserve to mitigate it with numerous interest rate hikes. We saw the market wobble as it seemed everyone stood with bated breath, waiting to see what would happen next.

Understanding these changes and knowing how they impact the purchase or sale of a property is the responsibility and expertise of a Sherman Oaks real estate agent, so make sure that any agent you work with is up-to-date on the daily shifts in the market and how it impacts your real estate journey.

Currently, the Sherman Oaks housing market is favoring the seller, with listing prices averaging $1.685 million, a 20% increase over the same time last year. Inventory remains low, matching numbers not seen since early 2019. If trends continue as they have in recent years, inventory will increase as we move into the summer months, so buyers will have many more options to choose from.

With increased competition, buyers will gain leverage and may be able to negotiate for a better price or more favorable terms or perks when they purchase Sherman Oaks homes for sale. Sellers will have to find ways to outshine the other sellers in their price points.

This is the sort of information Jonelle Lewin studies on a daily basis and will share to help you see the big picture of the current market so that together you can come up with a winning strategy to achieve your real estate goals.

Understanding how properties fit into Sherman Oaks’ long-range development

Sherman Oaks, along with other Los Angeles municipalities, has been asked to revise and update their long-range development plans to better reflect the needs and concerns of the community. This process began in 2018 but continues to be evaluated and reformulated. As this work is in progress, changes are being made that can affect the zoning, traffic flow, and desirability of certain neighborhoods. A real estate agent maintains connections with the city council and the development and zoning departments, asking pertinent questions to understand the impact on their client’s properties.

Real estate transactions can be impacted in several ways by new developments or city improvements. You may unwittingly find yourself in the midst of a construction zone, with unwanted traffic and noise pollution adding precious minutes to your daily commute. The construction of a new community school may entice a new demographic to move into your neighborhood that previously consisted mostly of retirees.

Smart real estate agents stay connected with construction companies, government officials, environmental concerns, and capital improvement projects. They see the potential, and the hassles, of new developments and revitalizations. They make it a priority to stay informed about what to can expect, not only in the immediate future but over the next decade and beyond. Buying a Sherman Oaks home for sale is not a short-term transaction but a long-term investment.

Other warning signs

Real estate agents investigate properties for a whole host of warning signs that a property is not a wise choice.
  • Is there documentation of repairs and evidence of quality workmanship?
  • Is the foundation free of cracks and signs of instability?
  • Is there evidence of water damage?
  • Do doors close securely and stay open?
  • Is the roof relatively new and in good repair?
  • Do the appliances work well?
  • What is the condition of the neighborhood? Is it safe, well-maintained, and appealing?
  • Are there many houses for sale in the same neighborhood?

Choosing the best agent for the job

When you are researching and seeking the best Sherman Oaks real estate agent to meet your family’s needs, remember to select one who is knowledgeable, experienced, and connected within the community. Your needs must be their priority, as you’re counting on them to be your eyes and ears in the process. Jonnelle Lewin can offer you this. Give her a call today.

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